Books We Have Read

i-kept-calm-at-lady-fury-s-book-club-1 Among the books Milady’s Book club has read, discussed  and rated,  allowing authors to proudly display our little badge, are the following.

angl AmazonBarnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, Kobo stars Five stars mainly from Milady and Tibbs who thought Abbie was a bit of all right.


starsFive stars from Fury and Squire Jack who mistakenly thinks that’s him and Antonia on the cover.

WorthTheRisk_ByAnneLange-200x300 | |  |Barnes and Noble | All Romance Ebooks |  Kobo starsFive stars from Fury, Saw Tooth and Myrtle who loved the greenery on the cover.

The_Chaosifier_Cover_(2nd_ed.) (1) stars Five stars from Taliano who thinks that’s him on the cover and Myrtle who likes the swallow. Fury did rather like the world of the Mountain Lord though.

TheSecondWife_ByCatherineCavendish_200x300 starsFive stars from Benito who wants to learn to be scary, Tibbs who has replaced Abbie with Emily-this will be interesting and Lady Fury who enjoyed reading of someone as intriguing as herself. Barnes and Noble Kobo starsFrom our er jailors who confiscated the copy as they did our ship. But Taliano still has hopes of reading it.

OnALeeShore_ByElinGregory_133x200starsfrom Taliano who is causing great dismay among the crew by thinking they should all  fancy him and Benito who thought the boat was pretty. Squire Jack  was taken up with our previous guest’s book. Amazon UK Amazon US B&N Kobo All Romance eBooks

convAmazon US / Amazon UK / Google Play / Barnes & Noble starsFrom Tibbs  who has now fallen for Alexa, Lady Fury who did enjoy all this sand and ahem…. Squire Jack  who thinks Aimee is a bit of all right and Myrtle who misunderstands the term cocktail.

Taurus_w7724_750 stars From Saw Tooth Dog who is now running about in a toga, lord help us all, Taliano who read it upside down and Myrtle who took a fancy to Taurus

convstars From Myrtle who tried to direct some traffic with her wings, Tibbs, who took a notion of Milady D. and her Cherry Heering. and Milady who found directing traffic lot easier than directing pirates. Available from Amazon.

conv From all the gentlemen who were especially taken with the  notion of the Peedee river. We won’t say why………….. stars

TheHourglass_BySharonStruth-600x900 stars From Taliano and Nathan who loved looking at the cover upside down and Squire Jack who loved Milady Struth.

HisJudasBride_ByShehanneMoore-453x680starswell of course one did not want one’s arm broken, one’s throat cut or any of these things, but it is also from Benito and Saw Tooth  who want to join the Wolves.

stars from Myrtle who rather fancied the mosquito and record2Squire Jack who thinks the uniform is nattier than his and so, alas, has done a swop.

conv Amazon /Barnes and Noble /iTunes/Kobo/All Romance ebooks stars from Saw Tooth who quite fancies himself as a knight in black leather, Myrtle who fancies the black leather and Squire Jack who just fancies….

MercenaryKnight_Frontstars Without question from Squire Jack alone who thought Milady M. Valey a bit of all right,  Tibbs who has forgotten Milady Clark it seems and Taliano who loved the cover so much he can’t stop licking it .

SeducingAmanda_ByAntoniaVanZandt-453x680 stars Five stars from Fury who liked the naughty  bits, Squire Jack who likes Antonia and Nathan who likes Christmas Trees.



convstars Five stars from Squibsy who is very partial to butterscotch and Tibbs who is partial to Faith….
 starswithout question from Milady Fury who only had to show the pirates the cover to scare them into obedience. Also, given her feelings for lady Margaret  she rather liked the image of the doll….

Daring_to_Wish_Medium Barnes and Noble

starsFrom Taliano who wanted to eat the cover, Saw Tooth Dog who held it upside down, and Milady who thought it was nicely sexy.

treasuringtheresa_9781419944093_msr for the lovely Milady Ellis from Squire jack who is convinced as ever that is him on the cover. Taliano who is convinced he is her and Myrtle who likes to be tempted.

conv Amazon Barnes and Noble All Romance Ebooks Kobo starsFrom Myrtle who has quite fallen for the headdress and Lady Fury, although she really thought she would be the temptation….

AllFiredUp_ByNikkiDeeHouston-453x680 stars From Milady to was somewhat taken with the cover so she never let anyone else read it…….

convstars From Tibbs who has now forgotten Abbie and run off round Capri after Sarah, Squibsy who couldn’t help fondling the cover and Taliano who licked it. Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo All Romance eBooks

conv five stars without question from Lady Fury, from Storm and the baby Fortune, after the pirates, went, Books? We don’t no need no stinkin’ books…Nothing to do with Milord Romilly’s wonderful book but the fact they were running amok with some very saucy jewel thief wenches. stars

convstars From Milady Fury, despite knowing nothing of dragons….not looking at Lady Margaret of herself. .  Saw Tooth Dog, who thought Fleur was a bit of all right. Squibsy who thought Fleur was a bit of all right. Tibbs who thought Fleur was a bit of al right. Squire Jack who thought Milady Hunt was a bit of all right.

LovingLadyLazuli_ByShehanneMoore-200x300stars From Lady Fury who wished to keep her arm intact, Tibbs who wished to keep his arm intact, Squibsy who wished to keep his arm intact….. Amazon Barnes and Noble All Romance Ebooks Kobo

FriendswithBenefitsbyAnneLange_PrintMasterstars from Taliano who has regular ménages with his teeth, Saw Tooth Dog who liked Milady Lange with that whip……and Tibbs who just liked the whip….


Amazon | Barnes and Noble | All Romance Ebooks | Kobo | | |


starsfrom Taliano, Tibbs, Squibsy and Saw Tooth who all thought Milady Donahue’s heroine had a fine of pair of legs. Squire Jack wanted to think so too but didn’t want to upset Skipper Jane.

Buy Links: Amazon –

Barnes & Noble – All Romance –

Reborn2_1_Nov_2013 (1)

Five stars from Myrtle who feels Reborn in Crow and Taliano who would like his teeth reborn. But also Skipper Jane who was glad of the diversion…..




stars  From Taliano and Tibbs who feel anyone would have to be blind to look at them…. And also Squibsy who thought Milady Valey is the beauty. Bookstrand




Five stars from Milady who rather wished Flint was gentlemanly enough to souk all over her a la the cover, Squire Jack who wanted to souk all over Milady Carter and Saw Tooth Dog who likes a bit of obsession.

Amazon BarnesNoble All Romance Ebooks Kobo



Milady who loved the tale of dusky maiden and Taliano, Squibsy, Tibbs and Saw Tooth  Dog who loved Milady Townsend. But also Nathan and Squire Jack and Crow who loved the picture of the maiden.



well of course all the crew gave this five stars. Although I must say I am shocked at what Shehanne had me doing. And told everyone about too….


starsbecause of course Milady Black is a friend of Shehanne’s and we none of us want our arms broken, although Milord Marshall was certainly interesting….in many many ways…


starscover_artFive stars from Milady and Myrtle who were the only ones brave enough to read this book. Although Taliano and Saw Tooth and Crow might have read it had they not gone frolicking on shore with wenches. Available from: Kobo B&N


from Milady who finds Milady a charming lady. And from Taliano, Squibsy, Myrtle and Saw Tooth Dog, who all wrote letters to Santa.



Buy Links: Melange Books, LLC:


Barnes and Noble:


HeartofArenaCover (1)


five stars from all the gentlemen who thought Milady Jenkins was a bit of all right, all right and Milady who liked the idea of a woman in man’s world.




stars5 stars from Milady seeing as Milord Paul is simply divine and from Milady Dee Houston who actually is not even a crew member let alone a book club one.





Well, her ladyship does rather like being scared so she gave it five stars on the spot, despite Milady Cavendish’s shameless throwing of herself at Flint.



Five stars from Milady who rather likes books about weddings, hint, hint  and Taliano who would love to be a groom….Also Myrtle who is waiting for Crow to propose.stars



Amazon | AmazonUK | Barnes&Noble


stars From Shehanne actually after Taliano ate Milady Kate’s book…. And the kindle…




Amazon Kindle

Page Foundry/Inktera

PicturePerfect-ByNikkiDeeHouston-453x680 (1)stars Without question rom Milady who has become quite an artist…… Ahem. And Taliano who wants the ladies to pose for him.  




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