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So having learned nothing from last time’s encounter with the lovely Milady Clark we welcome her again today – not that there is anything wrong with Milady Clark, it is just she does rather like to go about with a  rose between her teeth

Noelle Clark is a romance writer. Photo by Chris McCormack

which must make it very difficult for her to eat anything,  but Tibbs did get rather fond of Abbie, Milady Clark’s heroine of Let Angels Fly. He also got rather fond of Milady Clark’s rose, as did Squire Jack. And not just the rose either. Anyway, despite these many trials we welcome Milady Clark here today to Capri—yes, never mind the snow effect that Shehanne in her infinite wisdom has seen fit to saddle me with. conv

Capri is a perfectly divine place AND the setting for Milady Clark’s latest release, Rosamanti. So, without further ado here she is.

Felicitations on seeing you in our little stopover today here in Capri, a charming Italian island. Can you tell us something about your journey from your homeland?

Dear Milady Fury, how excited I was when I received your kind invitation, especially here in Capri. You see, I have had a love affair with this tiny island all my life. My journey from Down Under was long, of course, but Captain Flint organised some little soirees which helped to pass the time.

Indeed? Well, so long….. as that is all he organized you and I can remain friends. But obviously it was worth it and

Flint ’s pirate crew are making you welcome I trust? A silly question with Squire Jack dying to get his teeth into that rose and more besides…..

Milady, the crew were very kind, even offering to tuck me into bed at night. I think they were worried about me, as they kept touching me on my face, my arms, my – er – derriere, asking if I was ‘hot to trot’. Not sure what that is – must be some tropical lurgy. Well, I didn’t feel like I had a fever, and I’ve never had my temperature taken in that odd way before either. But I must have looked unwell, as they were all keeping a very watchful eye on me. Non stop, actually. Even Captain Flint himself seemed to be very watchful.

Really? As I said to the lovely and aristocratic Milady Dee Houston the other week–this time in even more honeyed tones I am sure–I should not like you leaving this ship in anything other than the state you boarded it in……

Him neither.

Oh dear Lady Fury! Not at all. I boarded the ship sober, and I departed it sober. Of course, when the sea was rough I needed some medicine, but as I left mine at home, the crew found some rum which did the trick.

OMG as they say in text and internet parlance. We shall say nothing of that little drink that talking the good  Milady Van Zandt, they gave her  from a certain barrel, so she has never been quite the same since.  Still, you have  brought me a pleasing little gift I see.

Oh yes. I nearly forgot to give it to you Milady. I actually asked the shop assistant for a genuine Australian money purse, and he handed me this. It is, I believe, the money purse that once belonged to a kangaroo, but it also opens bottles. Natty little gadget, don’t you think?

kangaroo scrotum bottle opener 2

I liked it so much, I also got you a matching key ring.

kangaroo scrotum key chain 2

How fascinating. I must say the pirates are drooling.  Taliano especiallu  is wondering how to get his teeth into that. And you have not thought to offer these–perhaps  in a rafflecopter giveaway with a copy of your book? kangaroo scrotum bottle opener 2

You could skewer it with your rose. Anyway. Milady Clark, you have met all the charming members of the club, including Myrtle. Can you tell us why they should each of them spend the week reading your book?

I became quite friendly with most of the crew, apart from Myrtle, who alas pecked the eyes out of my stuffed Major Mitchell Cockatoo brooch that I was wearing it at the time, and it was quite a painful experience, I can tell you! Anyway, yes I was telling the crew about my book, and they didn’t seem all that interested. Until I gave them the warning that I give everyone, and that is that there are explicit relations of a…conjugal…nature within the parchment. I was astounded with their response to this news. They almost leapt upon me, pushing gold coins at me, calling out for a copy of the book. Poor Young Squibsy seemed the most affected, begging for me to read those bits aloud to him.

Gracious! One can only trust you are still in one piece Milady Clark… As for your beauteous rose… Which would make a most lovely wedding bouquet for me..

While I think I have cured Flint of eyeing other women, he is still a great one for eyeing everything else. He calls it booty. Is there anything I should do to disabuse him of helping himself to other people’s boats and their contents? I mean he keeps saying it is for me….

Oh, men and their toys. They never grow up, do they? They just love to have their playthings around them, and covet what others have. Leave him be, Milady. It is harmless fun.

 Hmmmm.  What other’s have? I trust you do not mean the rose?

Mama’s kitchen https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mamas-Kitchen/431002043619495?fref=ts 2013-12-06 10.51.28

most thoughtfully provided our fare today, largely because the pirates eschew the culinary arts for cutlass waving, drinking and frolicking on shore with wenches. Do you have any tips for making them try at least to help my maid, Susan, in the galley? It is such a task and she gets quite fraught.

Oh I say! What a lovely looking cake. May I?  *nom nom* Milady, if I may, I’d like to offer a bit of advice. Those lovely boys should not trifle with women’s work. They need to go ashore and sow their oats, imbibe in some rum, and wave their cutlasses about. If you make them work in the kitchen with Susan, they’ll turn into nancy boys.

Yes well….U am unsure re that with regard to Taliano. The Isle of Capri is quite a charming place,   what sites do you intend visiting here when you leave our ship? Provided of course, you first sign a disclaimer that you never saw me, or Flint ?

Where do I sign?


I would like to see the Blue Grotto as I’ve heard so much about it. I’m a huge fan of the Emperor Tiberius, and he seemed to be deliciously happy swimming in the ice blue waters with the little boys whom he called his nymphs. I would also like to try some limoncello while I’m here, Milady.


 Gracious! What Southey drank my wine cellar dry of.

Dear Milady Fury, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to visit you here on this idyllic Italian island. It has been wonderful getting to know you and the boys.


Fate drew her to Rosamanti. Love made her stay…

After the death of her husband, best-selling mystery author Sarah Halliman has lost her desire for just about everything. Desperate to break out of her funk and rediscover herself, she answers a newspaper advertisement—For lease: Isolated villa on Capri, Italy. Must love cats. Traveling alone to the beautiful island of Capri, she locates Villa Rosamanti, a gorgeous 400-year-old dwelling nestled in the hillside of Monte Tiberio. Above it lies Villa Jovis, the 2000-year-old villa of Emperor Tiberius, ripe with history and intrigue.

Sarah soon discovers a strong resonance with Rosamanti and its gardens and quirky pets. She begins to feel a deep connection to Elena Lombardi, the deceased owner. But it’s not just the villa Sarah’s fallen in love with. Elena’s grandson, Pietro, is handsome and charming, the epitome of the passionate Italian. His dream is to own a restaurant of his own, but such dreams are for wealthier men.

Between the sparks that Pietro kindles in Sarah’s heart—and her kitchen—and the mystery of nearby Villa Jovis, Sarah’s muse begins to stir. She senses stories in the ancient stones, and romance in the phosphorescent blue waters of the Blue Grotto. But when her curiosity takes her to Elena’s library, a child’s notes and maps lead Sarah to a mystery that could be the answer to everyone’s prayers—or perhaps, be the destruction of everything they hold dear…

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