Milady’s Book Club

Book club meetings, where the crew choose a weekly book are generally held each week in the cabin weather and Flint permitting.. Authors are cordially invited to submit their work for consideration by contacting me. The crew are always happy to invite an author along to sample the delights of Mama’s Kitchen and explain to them just why they should read their book which will then be rated. Books are featured for a whole week-certainly till our next meeting- on this blog in the sidebar. Discussed in a lively fashion. Then they are moved to the Books We Have Read page.

The club presently consists of the following

pirate one NATHAN (except Flint better not find out about that parrot or it will be over the side. So will Nathan.)

pirate 7

                                         SAW TOOTH DOG

pirate 4


pirate 9


pirate 2  BENITO

pirate 11  Taliano

pirate 5

                                           SQUIRE JACK



pirate 6






Some Favourites amongst us.




5 thoughts on “Milady’s Book Club”

  1. Dear Milady Fury. The authors of the world are humbled to be in your presence.

  2. What a bunch of handsome characters! (Kev lifts up an almost empty bottle of rum in salute and falls to sleep)

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