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Well, may I say our last guest caused such a stir with her name being Wine and her book being about Christmas,..sort of anyway… all the gentlemen gave her five stars on the spot. Anyway, today we greet our new guest …oh another I get her second after Shehanne, guest the lovely Milady Jenkins, already looking the part, as you can see. comv346Milady Jenkins is a new author, who daringly put three books out on the same day AND lived to tell the tale. Well, she is a writer, isn’t she? Anyway, we meet once more, in Scandinavia, where we have been once or twice now. comv346Felicitations on seeing you in our little stopover today here in Oslo. Can you tell us something about your journey from your homeland? 

Coming from a city with a huge ties ports and sea trade, it was a pretty short jaunt to the harbour. The ship, crafted of wood so polished it glimmered in the rare day of sunshine we had, was waiting for me, and I stepped on board feeling quite the lady. I’m not a big fan of boats, but the swathes of tanned-skin, hard-muscled sailors heaving crates and ropes about helped to distract my mind…

Hmmm. I take it you were yet to meet Taliano…

pirate 11But not to worry, there is a first time for everything.

Crossing the sea was an adventure! The waves slapped against the sides of the boat with force enough to make it rock and well, to say my face was green was an understatement.comv3464

Apart from that, it as pretty smooth sailing (if you’ll excuse the pun).Though, I don’t think the Captain was not too happy about me standing in the middle of the boat shouting, ‘Release the Kraken!’. But then, you have to take the opportunity when it presents itself, right?


Well, one thing we never like to do here is give Flint encouragement. Now, the crew’s making you welcome I trust?

 Of course! More sailors? How could a girl complain?

Well, they do say it what all the nice girls love. You have brought me a pleasing little gift I see.

I have indeed, right from my hometown. It is an ornamental sword found on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s ship. Edward Teach was actually born in Bristol where I live, so I thought it would rather relevant and interesting… and pirate.Blackbeardsword

 Gracious, Milady Jenkins, you could not have chosen better. For Flint anyway. I must do a little blog here on Blackbeard. Shehanne’s home city produced Captain Kydd. I am sure I can beat her to the keyboard here. Now….you  have met the charming members of the club. Can you tell us why we should each of us spend a week reading your book?

It’s packed full of all the exciting stuff: gladiators, arena fights, heart-aching love, characters who draw you in.

It’s set in Ancient Rome, untitled glad

where a woman called Sabina has been disguised as a man and sold by slavers to gladiator school. Whilst there she has to learn her way around her new life, whilst dealing with the men surrounding her, one of which can’t help but draw her focus. But as with all things, when things start to go wrong, they go really wrong! Sabina has to face her fears and fight for the love she’s found.

Goodness. Milady Jenkins I feel I am won over already in every respect. Surrounded by men? Hmm. As for heart aching for love…well. Besides I think we may say I do feel a certain association with a woman trying to make it in a man’s world. While I think I have cured Flint of eyeing other women, he is still a great one for eyeing everything else. He calls it booty. Is there anything I should do to disabuse him of helping himself to other people’s boats and their contents? Already we have four gondolas aboard.

You know what they about those who take stuff that isn’t theirs… Actually I don’t, but I’m pretty certain it’s not very nice!

 I’ll let you tell him that,

Mama’s kitchen https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mamas-Kitchen/431002043619495?fref=ts


most thoughtfully provided our fare today, largely because the pirates eschew the culinary arts for cutlass waving, drinking and frolicking on shore with wenches.  Do you have any tips for making them try at least to help my maid, Susan, in the galley? It is such a task and she gets quite fraught.

 My mum took a culinary course in college, maybe I could tempt her into the galley to help out! She does love cooking, and I have to say I am more than willing to try whatever she cooks. Though I can’t say pickled fish appeals to my tastebuds much, but Stekte pølser sounds like tasty dish here in Oslo!

Well, Oslo is lovely I am sure, with a charming folk museumfol


Viking ship museum…Sure to interest Shehanne right now..

viking ship museum

many other museums, architecture and just well… all round nice places, what sites—if any– do you intend visiting here when you leave the ship? Provided of course, you first sign a disclaimer that you never saw me, or Flint? 

With such an amazingly rich history, I think I’d be spoiled for choice. But, the Norwegian Folk Museum sounds incredible and how could I pass up seeing the Viking Ship museum? I think that’s definitely a must! Now I’m excited, where’s that disclaimer so as I can get to the sightseeing? Not that my stay on your lovely ship hasn’t been an experience to remember!



HeartofArenaCover (1)


Ancient Rome is a dangerous place, in more ways than one.

Captured by slavers, distraught but determined Sabina is thrust into the world of gladiators. Disguised as a man, she struggles to remain undetected whilst navigating through her new life.

But love forces its way into her focus again and when a haunting figure from her past remerges, the couple’s fate is to be decided in the Heart of the Arena.

Heart of the Arena:
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