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Well, I must say this week’s discussion regarding Milady Cavendish’s enthralling book was one of the most interesting. Benito spoke for the first time ever–he desires to be scary, while Tibbs just desires. Already, having dropped Abbie from his fickle affections-apologies Milady Clark– he has been turning up the local cemeteries looking for Emily……..

bookcTo say Flint and I were shocked would be an understatement. Indeed words could not express how sorry we were.

Apart from that and spending a long time at sea to recuperate, not to mention escape the string of people now chasing us…more I fear since Flint unfortunately has his eye on a certain Captain Scott of Antarctica’s boat, sitting there in the harbour..I have been reading.

I must say I loved Milady Cavendish’s book. Emily is indeed a character one can grow to love. I say nothing abut myself in that regard although I was most touched -and not in the head- to note that Milady Taylor had placed this upon her Book reviews page  http://t.co/l61P8g0nEu . I am just uncertain what she means by handful….

Today I welcome our next guest, a new, a debut author,  Anna Wells…who…er one can see Squire Jack already has the hots for…..

Anna_Wells_ProfileAnd here we are in the City of Discovery, Dundee.

Felicitations on seeing you in our little stopover today here in Dundee a charming Scottish place. Can you tell us something about your journey from your homeland? 

It was a much longer voyage than expected.  We were caught in some vicious storms on the way over.  Then we were delayed in London.  I took advantage of that time to do some shopping and bought an entire new wardrobe.  A lady wants to look her best when arriving in Scotland.


Well, yes, Scotland is an interesting place that way.  But it was worth it? Flint ’s pirate crew are making you welcome I trust?

Absolutely, they have been nothing but charming and offering me all sorts of personal services, but that’s just between you and me. (winking)

Yes. One might need even more wrappings to put them off. But you have brought me a pleasing little gift I see.


Yes, I wanted you to have this beautiful ruby necklace and earrings to match that spectacular red gown.  Really, you must give me your dressmaker’s name!

Gracious. Such beauteous generosity will persuade me to slip you the name on the way out. Just don’t tell them I sent you. I believe there is  a small matter regarding an unpaid account. Now ……you can see the quite charming members of the club. Can you tell us why they should each of them spend the week reading your book?

Well, it’s a fantastic romp with smoking sex scenes, a suspense story and compelling characters.  Readers will love the hottie FBI Agent, Donovan Prentice who struggles with his undeniable attraction to his main suspect.  If you’re a fan of romantic suspense with a touch of erotica you can’t miss this book

Goodness…while Myrtle has quite collapsed-again- myrI see you have everyone else’s attention. While I think I have cured Flint of eyeing other women, he is still a great one for eyeing everything else. He calls it booty. Is there anything I should do to disabuse him of helping himself to other people’s boats and their contents? I mean he keeps saying it is for me….

Hmm…as long as you share with me, I think that’s okay.  I’ll never tell.

 I knew I could count upon you to be discreet. Mama’s kitchen



most thoughtfully provided our fare today, largely because the pirates eschew the culinary arts for cutlass waving, drinking and frolicking on shore with wenches.  Do you have any tips for making them try at least to help my maid, Susan, in the galley? It is such a task and she gets quite fraught.

Give up and just get poor Susan some help!

(Aside….Depending on where you go next that might be you.) Dundee is rather a busy place, what sites do you intend visiting here when you leave our ship? Provided of course, you first sign a disclaimer that you never saw me, or Flint ?

Well, I think I will hop over to the McManus Museum and the Barnhill Rock Garden

 bookcSuch a relief ! For a horrible moment I though you were about to say you were thinking of visiting the Discovery, which being a boat….











Lawyer Alaina Simmons never imagined that she would be defending her deceased father against accusations of terrorism when she agreed to protect his legacy, a group of documents he’d placed in an archival repository.  FBI Lawyer Donovan Prentice insists that her father and the organization he worked for were terrorists and that crucial evidence is in the documents Alaina has sworn to protect.  Now she is forced to combat the FBI and her compelling attraction to Donovan Prentice while unaware that she is also Donovan’s suspect.

Special Agent Donovan Prentice is working undercover posing as a lawyer in an attempt to gain access to the evidence he needs to convict a group of terrorists as well as determine if Alaina Simmons is working with them.  Things become complicated as Donovan becomes more intent on getting his suspect in bed than putting her in  jail.

When the bullets start to fly and the lies begin to unravel Alaina and Donovan begin to explore their intensely sexual relationship, but the couple will have to learn to trust each other both in and out of bed before the terrorists’ game of intrigue can end.

Warning: This book contains steamy sex scenes and amusing banter.

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AnnaWel07914287 (Twitter)

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