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Such a busy week it has been. Firstly on tour, where I confess I was shocked to note that while I did not quite appear on the same blog spot at the same time as Milady Duffy, the clash was narrowly missed on Milady Soana’s BlogSpot. http://tamariasoana.blogspot.com/Sinfully Summer vbt

Of course….I was there first… A little like with Flint..ahem.

So that was the first excitement, the second was that as expected we now have a new figure head.


But, despite this, time was found to discuss Milady Descoteaux’s book, even if we did have to leave Denmark somewhat hurriedly. I must say I found Directing Traffic a good deal easier than directing pirates.

As for Myrtle well she has been out there all week flapping her wings about causing great highway havoc…….

convDespite it all, having beaten a hasty retreat to Gozo, one of the most charmingly time-challenged Maltese islands, home would you believe of Calypso, the nymph Flint named his boat after. (I am only surprised he never named it after me…) Anyway our guest today is Milord Peter Romilly who has come all the way from Britain  to join our little crew and tell the pirates why they might like his book, 500 Parts per Million.

Felicitations on seeing you in our little stopover today here in Gozo, a most charming place. Can you tell us something about your journey from your homeland?

My boat was blown here on a fair-weather breeze, all the way from London and the River Thames, down the Spanish coast and into the Mediterranean. The skies were blue, the sea calm and sparkling, and the sun was shining. It was the trip of a lifetime. If only they could all be like that!  I spied through my telescope a small island off Malta, full of beautiful hills and old churches, so I decided to drop anchor in the harbour. That’s when I ran into Flint.

concHe told me the island was called Gozo. It’s home to the nymph Calypso in Homer‘s Odyssey. Calypso had great supernatural powers and held Odysseus captive for years because she was in love with him. But the course of true love ne’er runs smooth, and she eventually released him to continue his journey home. Aagh!

Well, I suppose it was the only way for her to get a man. But coming here was worth it? Flint’s pirate crew are making you welcome I trust? And he did not bang on too much about that old hag?

It certainly was. Flint and his roguish crew are an odd bunch, but they drink loads of ale and have some amazing swashbuckling tales to tell. Unfortunately none of them are printable. Their galleon is moored in the harbour, where the sails and tall masts look great against the sunset. Sometimes the crew fall overboard because they’re so drunk, but Flint just shrugs his shoulders and carries on quaffing, mostly slugs of rum. He’s not as good looking as Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean, but he has a knavish charm which seems to excite the ladies.

Oh Johnny is not am eye- patch on Flint. There is the matter of the eye-liner for  a start. Very impractical for the high seas, unless of course it is the non runny kind.  And there we won’t talk the bandanna or the hair… Still  you have brought me a pleasing little gift I see.

Yes, I thought you’d like something nice and juicy


I am glad you clarified this. This is such a  respectable blog.

Now Milord Romilly, you have met all the charming members of the club. Can you tell us why they should each of them spend the week reading your book?

I think it’s a good story about an important issue, namely global warming, and I hope it will appeal to young and old alike. It’s set in 2050, but I personally wouldn’t label it as scifi. There aren’t any spaceships or aliens in it, so I prefer to think of it as part of a new fiction genre – clifi. Even Flint complains about how hot the summers are becoming. I tried to explain to him that atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are increasing, but he threatened to cut off my head with his cutlass and throw me to the sharks if I kept on about it. He’s a man of action, not words.

My hero Marc is also a sailor, like Flint, but more sober, and his sailing is a matter of necessity not choice. He goes off to Amsterdam for a business meeting and a giant flood surge destroys the city and forces him out. He finds a sloop, a small sea-going yacht, and ends up sailing across the Atlantic with an oddball companion called GM Joe who he meets in the FloatingCity at Rotterdam. They have lots of adventures and end up in a town called Jamesville in Carolina, USA, where Marc gets friendly with Constance, the mayor’s daughter.

But Jamesville is under siege from outsiders, and has a drought to contend with, so things get pretty difficult. What can the townsfolk do? Should Marc stay with Constance, or should she leave with him? Everything hangs in the balance, but hey, I don’t want to give the whole plot away.

Goodness. I see that already Tibbs is getting ready to offer himself in Marc’s place there. While the notion of floating city, especially ones they might plunder, is pleasing to everyone else. Although I must tell you Milord that Flint failing to return Malmesbury’s boat and Thomas meeting with that most unfortunate accident, we do not sail from choice.  While I think I have cured Flint of eyeing other women, he is still a great one for eyeing everything else. He calls it booty. Is there anything I should do to disabuse him of helping himself to other people’s boats and their contents? I mean he keeps saying it is for me….

You could try telling him there are various admirals in the Royal Navy who take a very dim view of his activities and would like to string him up from the nearest yardarm if he carries on causing piratical mayhem.

Mama’s kitchen https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mamas-Kitchen/431002043619495?fref=ts

convmost thoughtfully provided our fare today, largely because the pirates eschew the culinary arts for cutlass waving, drinking and frolicking on shore with wenches.  Do you have any tips for making them try at least to help my maid, Susan, in the galley? It is such a task and she gets quite fraught.

What about threatening them with walking the plank? You could push them out to sea at sword point unless they agreed to wash a few dishes. There’s no point in appealing to their better nature because they don’t have one.

I suppose not although I try here to bring  a little culture into their sorry lives. Gozo is quite a busy place, what sites do you intend visiting here when you leave our ship? Provided of course, you first sign a disclaimer that you never saw me, or Flint?

I’m getting so desperate to get away from Flint’s drunken crew that I wouldn’t mind visiting some of the old churches on the island. At least there’s no chance of running into them there! I might go scuba diving in the clear water bays, or just laze around on the carnival-nadurbeaches. But the event I’d really like to see is the annual Carnival, dating back to the early sixteenth century and lasting five days. You can see flower strewn artistic floats, grotesque masks and dance companies parading the streets of the town, and listen to the accompaniment of guitarists.  After sunset people walk up and down the main street dressed in comically distorted figures and masks to conceal their identity. Sounds crazy!

Gracious Taliano would not require a mask for a start.


convThe year is 2050, the weather is … devastating. Marc, a young man working in London’s financial district, is summoned to a business meeting in Amsterdam and finds his life changed forever. Washed up on an embankment after a huge storm surge overwhelms Amsterdam’s sea defences, he sets sail on a dangerous adventure that takes him from the rugged Cornish coastline of south west England to the Floating City in Rotterdam, then across the Atlantic to the east coast of the United States. On his travels he encounters an oddball companion, GM Joe, and together they sail up the PeeDee river to the town of Jamesville in drought-stricken South Carolina, where Marc gets friendly with Constance, the mayor’s daughter. But Jamesville has plenty of problems of its own, not just drought, as Marc soon discovers.

500 Parts Per Million is based on the contemporary environmental issue of global warming, a tale of life, love and survival in a warmed up world. It’s about a planet where the weather has gone haywire, the  technologies we rely on don’t work, and where communities face new threats and have to relearn forgotten skills to survive.



Find Peter Here. yes he did escape the sharks.



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