In the beginning

I have it on good authority  the beginning is always the word and in this instance it is a three letter one.

Now given all Shehanne has said about me, and my ten rules, I have no doubt you are already tittling behind your fans about what that is.


It may come as some surprise to you to know  that little word is tea.

Yes. TEA. You did not misread that.  Is this not s a very beautiful Georgian silver teapot after all?

I will have you know that the little tour I have been on, which resulted in Shehanne  giving me this blog,  has been a tour of taste and elegance.  I am sure you can see this from the little badge to the right, given me by author Aimee Duffy, who survived the encounter.

Paintings have been discussed and some very notable ladies. messThat centre one is not me by the way, I would not wear stockings like that.

Yes,  tea-time chat is what I will be offering here, on all sorts of subjects from stocking wearing, or not, as the case may be, to men,  plus the low down on my bedroom rules, with the odd little cake  NOT MADE BY SHEHANNE thrown in…..

bevs caksyou see., Mama’s Kitchen , a truly delightful little Facebook page,we will be having more of since it is already making this blog look truly elegant, to have with yours.

I will even be asking some of these wonderful authors who invited me to their blog, to chat, here at Furious Unravelings, although why Shehanne called it that instead of Beloved Fury,, Forever Fury…well we will change it.

For now, talking tea,  to launch my  unravelings I am giving away a free ebook copy of my–I mean  Shehanne’s–book about me.

Leave me a comment,  contact me via the contact form,  after that it’s first when I spin the fan.


15 thoughts on “In the beginning”

  1. Oh I do love all things to stay calm about and this is genius. Of course I’d troll you anywhere Fury. That goes without saying but I want to say it, so there. Will keep on eye on you Fury because you’re so damned surprising. One never knows what you’ll get into next.

  2. Well hello, Fury! I am so pleased to hear that picture is NOT you. Those stockings are hideous. (*makes me think of Pippy Longstockings*) You deserve something much finer, softer, and sexier – at least I would think you do 🙂 And I like the blue cupcakes. They look very delish. Though, they’ll probably leave my tongue blue.

    • Greetings Anne,
      Yes, I desired to let it be known, after Shehanne sent me along with that picture to guest blog the other day, I would not wear anything so trashy. It is of course the reason I now have my own blog, where I will be sharing much nicer stockings and things with you all. I will tell dear Mama in her kitchen what you thought of her cupcakes.
      Lady Fury

  3. *waves to Lady F* I just wanted to say hello, already have your book to read 🙂

  4. well then I am going to do a slot where I invite chosen ones aboard Flint’s present tub….to speak of just that LF xx

  5. Fabulous web site Lady Angry, oops – I mean Fury.

    • How happy am I AND the friendly members of my book club you will soon be our very first guest. As I cannot make up the full member numbers I desired I fear I am going to have to ask the parrot.

  6. Tea and cupcakes with little silver balls on them… can’t beat it! 😀

    • Milord Cooper, whatever people say of me, helping my husband have a little accident, conspiring to sort the Beaumont succession by illegal means, murdering Flint’s former mistress….I am most fearfully elegant.

      • It is that elegance which draws me to you, Milady. (That, and being seduced by a sense of danger mixed with beauty.) 😀

  7. Why, thank you Milord Cooper, how highly you speak of me. Far higher than anyone else… Do let me assure you,
    whatever is said, it is safe to do so.

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