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ann bony1

You think so? You think not?

Well, let’s just consider what is known about the infamous Anne,  last seen in a prison in Jamaica, having been found guilty of piracy and having pleaded that time honoured condition.ann bonny 2

(Quite useful actually for getting out of a lot of things.)

anne boney4

Interesting, since there’s no records of Anne being hung, despite being sentenced to death, and her father did have business interests in Jamaica.

But it’s also worth noting where this actual marriage business first originated….

ann bonny7

The thing being…

anne bonny334

possibly for Daniel Defoe.  Whoever he was,  it didn’t stop this book from appearing…

anne bonny334

In fact the author of The Profligate so wanted to set the record straight about Anne that they wrote the book based on Captain Charles’ book…….

ann bonny5

So the book starts with the terror of the seas as a little old lady, blushing to tell her, more an aged turkey, than  a spring chicken, daughter, Johanna the truth about her father Calico Jack. While there’s grandchildren and  children galore–Anne was quite the horny one– oh and marriage to Joseph Burleigh who couldn’t be more delighted about it,  D.A. Nash was quick to point out in the introduction.. ..ann bony89

Is this book really where the legend of Anne having all these children and dying in Charleston  comes from though? A book that based itself on the mysterious Captain Johnson?

Or, can we believe that…

ann bony7

Is it possible  that Anne, known for her violent temper and ferocious fighting, her ability to be ruthless as any man, really did live quietly after her exciting time fighting back to back with Mary Read who apparently died of fever in prison? (There’s also stories about how she really escaped too and together they went to Louisiana).ann bonny888Well, an online search for these ‘records’ threw up this…

 anne bonny45

The same search also threw up this reply to the query.

ann bonny888Based on The Profligate?

Another woman all together?

Or true?

Family history always requires hard fact.

Anne Bonny…

You think so? You think not?