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pirate weekFinally. I can’t quite believe it but over on Shehanne’s blog it not only is but she has made many nice promotional cards…..

chhhh-0241000zzzzzOnes that show me in a glowing light…..actually. Of course she did make others……

woman_in_a_red_dress_8_by_cathleentarawhiti-d5vclcyBut there we shan’t speak of those. I did a little interview on what to look out for should you ever date a pirate, although the title was a little bemusing….. http://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/all-the-bad-girls-love-a-pirate/

As if to say I am a bad girl. In my defence I had no idea Flint was Flint when I first stepped on board the Calypso. I thought he was the very respectable Captain Blackmoore.  I had no idea that was his mistress’s dress I just happened to be wearing either.

Anyway, what can you expect on that first dinner date? babbbbbb 007

Apart from being presented with Bone Soup and thrown overboard?


Them to say ‘Arrrrr,’ a lot and have a parrot on their shoulder?

If only…..

1 Expect him to eye up your booty at the table. posfuggh

That is your food and drink for goodness sake.


Pirate ships are floating worlds.  Sheer necessity demands that they are self sufficient. As you can’t very well plant a veg patch on the deck, food can be scarce. Drink too. Especially once they get their hands on yours….



2. Forget the dining room silver, while the dining room silver is all very fine, a pirate is more likely to make off with your washing line and the contents of your tool box.

zgkkkkNaturally I have a red one. Why? Because I like red. I mean… because they never have access to ports to repair their ship.  zpkpk

SO if you can’t find the hammer the next day, you know exactly what kind of man you are dating. And it’s not a joiner.

3 The cough medicine is in the same category.

zing(Also red. ) Hmmm. When Blackbeard held Charleston hostage in 1718 did he demand gold and silver? No he demanded  – and received – a chest of medicines in exchange for lifting his blockade.

4 If you’re in a restaurant expect him to shower every passing waiter with gold pieces. zgkkkkui

Gold is for spending, not hoarding. Them burying treasure is something of a myth. Captain Kydd was said to have buried his loot but on the whole, treasure to them isn’t treasure to us. As for your waiter? Expect them to look astonished.

5 Expect, if the dinner date is on board their ship for them to have stolen everything from the food on the table to the knife and fork you eat it with. Gold isn’t for spending on household things. It’s for wine women and song.ztur

Bon appetite.

Oh and….good luck