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Well, really, it’s a good question.

Especially when they look like…


Have been portrayed in literature as having peg legs and hooks…imagesND11ITK9

which was probably the least of their worries. Think scurvy, think lice, think disease and decay. Think rob, think plunder, think pillage, think Johnny Depp.


Think being pillaged by Johnny Depp. Sorry, do forgive  my attention for somewhat drifting there to the horrors of that….  But certainly, for some very strange reason given the man  is eye deep in mascara, there is this outpouring of lust.

Have we no pride?

Generations ago there appeared to be none over this either



So yes, there is no denying, that even sending Long John Silver and Captain Hook off to walk the plank, and the line of real pirates from Blackbeard to Captain Kydd down the Swannee, pirates are reckoned to be sexy. I mean look at this pic of Captain Kydd……


As if the man was some sort of charming gentleman, when he’d have slit her bodice and gown in two seconds flat to have his wicked way.

Oh..and as for the picture above the one above,


yes I would have changed  rule two about remaining fully clothed at all times. I am fussy about certain things. Especially challenged red bandannas.

Anyway, I think we can blame the authors–looking at no-one in particular here Shehanne– and the filmmakers and the illustrators who strangely see them as romantic.

Look at Captain Blood, the underdog, not the pirate, written by a man with the fancy name Raphael Sabatini. Captain_Blood

Then there was Daphne Du Maurier no less with her French gent. imagesND11ITK9

There was also a raft of films featuring Hollywood’s most…athletic.. gentlemen, all designed to leave ladies swooning in their seats, Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn. Tyrone Power.

In many ways Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp were following ancient footsteps although I’m really unsure if Milord Fairbanks was the Black Pirate here or Ben Hur,


But perhaps it is because, having gone Huzzah, take that ye varlets,  he holds the lady up in his natty just look at my legs, really odd for a pirate but it displays them, tunic,


So, come along, just what is it about pirates we find so sexy they steal our hearts away? I need the answers for a future blog.