I must say I find Shehanne’s promotion for me in print shockingly one sided to say the least…imagesL1TBWKAO




As if it wasn’t my story. Anyway, I am not here today to moan. Me? Perish the thought. I am here to look at just how otherwise correct, or not  Shehanne got things when it comes to these  scurvy blackguards…oh do let us have a little image of Milord Depp here…


. Not to mention a Howard Pile imagesDYL0HDXOwhile this gentleman is rather nice…



in other words. Firstly I can tell you she did not go for any of these looks but that does not necessarily mean a thing. I would so hate to vie with Flint for the eyeliner, although he did run about the decks rather a lot with no shirt. Still…the rest…. How much was genuine and how much was straight out of Hollywood?





Very well, the Golden Age of Piracy spans the 1650s to the 1730s, from the era of the buccaneers to first part of the 18th century when shipping traffic between Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe began to soar. So Genoa 1820 seems a little behind the times and the place.

But let’s not overlook the War of 1812.

Most privateers felt they had defeated the vaunted Royal Navy, driving Britain to its knees by hamstringing its merchant marine’

As for Flint being in Genoa eight years later….

That still doesn’t explain why you’re a valet.”

He shifted uncomfortably and gritted through his teeth. “He bought me, right? Privateer’s life, sweetheart. Of course, I should never have listened to De Wolfe. I know that now.”

“But you said sailing under a United States flag gave you work.”

“Eight years ago, sweetheart. Before I met you. I thought it was enough to tell you that much.”

“And the British deserved everything they got?”

“Sure they did. It was war, wasn’t it? But that was then. This is now. Now, we got hunted down. Stopped from bringing our booty into ports. I got captured for trying. Among other things.”

How like him to hedge around the specifics. Even when she’d first known him, the only person he’d served was himself. In fact she was never clear whose side he was on, apart from his own.’ images5555


Pirates wearing a gold earring isn’t a movie fallacy. Earrings weren’t just to pay for a pirate’s funeral, if his body was washed ashore, many pirates clearly believed in acupuncture.  An earring could improve their eyesight?  Really? And here was me thinking Flint had brains.




Walking the plank was a form of punishment practiced on special occasion by pirates. For the amusement of the perpetrators (and the psychological torture of the victims), captives were forced to walk off a wooden plank or beam extended over the side of a ship. The victims were usually bound, blindfolded and/or weighed down, causing them to drown, freeze to death, or be killed by sharks which would often follow ships. Let me tell you I did absolutely nothing to deserve this


AND it was of course the one bit of the book Shehanne had to get past her line editor.



 Absolutely they did. Where do you think I learned to bargain and make my own?  Ching Shih a famous Chinese lady pirate  had special ones for female captives. Of course her standard practice was to release women, but apparently  the pirates made their most beautiful captives their concubines or wives.  ( I am saying nothing here.)

If a pirate took a wife he had to be faithful to her. (Of course Flint never made me his wife or Ching shih would soon have dealt with him  had he been on her ship.)

The ugliest were released and any remaining were ransomed. Pirates that raped female captives were put to death, but if it was consensual sex, the pirate was decapitated and the woman he was with had cannonballs attached to her legs and was chucked off the side of the boat.

Heavens.Talk about the devil or the deep blue sea on that one…. I must say I am glad I wasn’t aboard Ching Shih’s ship either……



Well, pirates did war them but they were a little out of fashion for privateers by 1820, but then so was Flint…



Hmm. Hollywood has a lot to answer for here. And not just Hollywood but R.L. Stevenson. However I don’t think there’s any doubt that the average pirate, meeting and sailing with all sorts  would have a rich vocabulary……

“I suppose that depends on what you mean by stealing. See, the law might say what you’ve got of mine there makes this eeksie-peeksie.” “I beg your pardon?”

Eeksie-peeksie is a good old Scots word. images776images1HH0LK9QPirates and parrots have no basis in solid fact…something else we can attribute to Robert Louis Stevenson?  But you can see that Flint was never going to be like Long John Silver when it came to parrots.





Absolutely it was the pirate drink. Why? It was cheap and easy to make too if you ran out.

SO there we go…you’ll notice I am missing out the hooks, wooden legs  and eye patches because Shehanne wanted to write a smexy pirate. I’m also missing out the buried treasure…unless there’s something Flint is hiding from me……. I put nothing past that blackguard.imagessss