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Very well, Shehanne had not actually given me this award… YET. But I have every confidence that, having had it bestowed upon herself, she will. Besides, I have been shockingly neglected of late while she runs about tidying up her Viking book. It will be another gentleman for me to have here after my great success interviewing Milords Wolf and Devorlane…..

Now then…a Liebster Award. (A lobster award would be nice though. I must give that one some consideration…) What is it and what does one do when one steals, I mean gets it. Well, firstly one displays the logo. conv   Quickly before Shehanne comes and takes it back. Then one links back to the person you took it from who bestowed it. Oh, for goodness sake, I did NOT steal. And tomorrow Shehanne’s blog post will say so right here.


Right…next? God this thing has more rules than I. You have to answer the ten questions set on that blog. Shehanne’s aren’t up yet but I know they will be all about me.posfuThen…..rule whatever, you set ten questions of your own. Then you name some bloggers supposedly with less than a certain amount of followers. So really actually Shehanne and the hamsters had no biz accepting the award in the first place, especially if you then add her twitter followers. But we won’t tell. Like that some rules are made to be broken. And let’s face it, it gives us all something to blog about, doesn’t it? What is more those I am passing this to all have more than that number of followers.

SO….Shehanne’s questions

1 Which fictional character would you most fancy having a fling with and why?






is kind of bad actually.

Oh all right not only did I fancy having a fling with Flint. I had one too. Next

2 You’ve been shipwrecked on a desert island, what book can’t you be without?  

Why. My own of course. Don’t be ridiculous. Who wrote this stupid question?


3 Do you have a favorite literary series?

No. Because Shehanne hasn’t written a sequel

4 What are you working on right now?

On answering these stupid questions so I can have a nice badge on my blog. And put other authors to a lot of trouble.

5 Who is your favourite author and why?

Gracious, all the nice authors who have appeared here. Well, that’s the answer I would like to give. But I suppose one must thank one’s creator or suffer having one’s arm in a sling. And I suppose someone wrote about me.

6  Favourite colour?

Red.  Duh.

7 Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Pardon? Me scheme? Or mess things up?

8  Have you been known to ‘torture’ a character and if so why?

Obviously. I ‘tortured’ Flint.   He deserved it.


9  Do you prefer sweet or angsty?

Hmmmm… Good question.

10 Which part of the craft have you found hardest to learn?  

Steering the boat. I just can’t. The plank? Well, that too was difficult.

Now these are my ten questions….

1 Which fictional character would you most fancy having a fling with and why?

2 You’ve been shipwrecked on a desert island, what man ..sorry book can’t you be without?conv

3 What inspires you? Places or people?

4 What little tome are you working on right now?

5 Who would you like to see in the movie version?

6 In your own books do you have a favourite character and why?

7 What do you think is the best book movie?

8 Roughly how long does it take you to write a book?

9 Favorite food?

10 Any bits in your book you are embarrassed to show your family?

And these lovely Milord and Miladies are my nominees.

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