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Oh…all right, I have decided after much persuasion    consideration, to return Lord Devorlane…a pity, he was rather handsome if not quite my type. …have you2 Indeed Shehanne is to be commended for having a muse who wasn’t her type either– the noble sacrifices these authors make–  But anyway, I digress. I have also, after even more persuasion   consideration , decided to grant Sapphire, heroine of Loving Lady Lazuli…



So far we have…Messalina, Salome   and Mae West, .who were of course blogged with Milady Van Zandt. http://antoniavanzandt.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/lady-furys-ladies-with-shehanne-moore.html

Artemisia Gentileschi and Judith of Bethulia who were blogged with Eleanor of Castile, http://beloved-eleanor.co.uk/blog/introducing-the-indomitable-lady-fury/



Elizabeth Armistead, Laskarina Boubalina  and Lady Jean Claverhouse….. Somewhat mixed I am sure you will say.

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To return to Sapphire, on reflection the poor woman has had much to contend with. Any heroine of Shehanne’s does.  Of course she will say it is the heroes who do. What a lie.  I feel that after a sticky start, I will  say  I find things to admire in Milady Lazuli.

The business of the names for a start. How on earth does she put up with them all?   Still, I suppose that a variety of names among  thieves was common. a variety of strange ones too.

When it comes to names the most famous housebreaker of the previous era to Sapphire’s, Jack Sheppard, was apprehended by James “Hell-and-Fury” Sykes. Sheppard had a master, William Kneebone,  a partner, Joseph “Blueskin” Blake, and a  ‘friend’ Elizabeth “Edgworth Bess” Lyon.conv

So I suppose this Cassidy/Cass/Armstrong/ Saff/Sapphire/ Laz/Lazuli thing is nothing. Granted Sapphire is a thief…  But do you know the poor woman was made to do so at five years old. AND my understanding is that thieving dens weren’t all her keeper ran.conv

How can I not admire a woman who used her wits to stay out of a brothel?

Sapphire believes she is the rightful owner of BarwychBarwych

that she and her little brother were  handed to  a gang of thieves when her mother died.  I am not going to tell you what happens there re her belief, but I will say that she absolutely looked out for him, stole for him,  did everything she could  to stop the gang hurting him because he was an invalid. It was a most convenient way for them to blackmail her into stealing.

What’s more in her little way, in addition to trying to save  one of the gang, Pearl, from having her life. she does try to help Lord Devorlane with his many addictions. As you can see…


he’s very grateful too, which I suppose having been called as much myself, I do want to add her to my ladies.