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I did have to laugh at this little thing


Shehanne was foolish enough to put on her blog in preparation for Lord Devorlane Hawley’s homecoming next week. I mean I know the delectable Milady Black  is absolutely the mistress of what she does especially when she writes about suspense. That she creates heroes to die for. But surely she would have seen  that when one of them bears something of a resemblance to Flint….


it was no trouble for us to ‘borrow’ Lord Devorlane and ask him to answer a few questions after Shehanne barred me from doing just that.

So, here he is today, nicely tied to a chair, ready to tell us a little  about  himself. He is accustomed to such things. being tied in knots that is before any of you think I have overstepped any mark. At least he is accustomed to being stitched up. Didn’t Sapphire steal ten years of his life after all?

saffy 24

And I’m perfectly certain that a few noggins of rum….although I understand that brandy laced laudanum, or rather brandy with his laudanum,  is his favourite tipple….here aboard  the Palerna, he will be perfectly happy…..

dev posss 4

even if right now he doesn’t look it.

Lady Fury.  So Milord, how lovely to see you here today in our humble abode. And may I say none of it would have been necessary had Shehanne not got so sticky re me interviewing you. She thinks I can’t behave myself around her heroes.

Dev. Well your ladyship, I can’t think why.

Lady Fury. Me neither.  But there it is. Something to do with the shocking way Milord Wolf threw himself at me. nolllllllll

Dev. Are you sure that wasn’t the other way about?

Lady Fury. You desire to be untied from that chair do you?

Dev.  If it can be arranged. I mean let’s be clear Lady Fury, I’m probably as good at making conditions as you. loa-rules

Lady Fury. Interesting.  So, all these preparations for your homecoming…are you enjoying them?

Dev. Is this one of them?

Lady Fury. Not at all. Unless you would like it to be. I mean you’re a man who likes wine and women. I am perfectly certain you would have a much nicer time here.  Just so long as, when it comes to conditions and whether or not she was going to accept them, you don’t say to me what you said to Sapphire.

Dev. Which was?

Lady Fury. You have ten minutes. watchb

Dev.  So?

Lady Fury. To leave the area. I mean we would just leave the area in ten minutes by throwing you over the side. What does Sapphire do? Agree because she can’t resist you?

Dev. Oh she agrees because I have something she wants. Badly.

Lady Fury. (fans self) Goodness… Pray continue….

Dev. If you untie me first.

Lady Fury, Hmmmmm. Let me just….consider it……

You can read more about the security arrangements fro Lord Hawley with Incy Black


and Shehanne