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You know, I am deeply concerned re Shehanne’s new heroine, especially as I have had my knuckles rapped for the mayhem that has prevailed since Sapphire’s scurvy jewel thief friends  came aboard.

pirates and jewel 2

As if  it is all my fault the very refined Ruby is running amok with Taliano, waving cutlasses and things,   Benito and Amber are making quite  an item,

pirates and jewe

and, never mind her first love Gabriel,  Splendor has forgotten all about her dearest love Stillmore.

Of course just because Shehanne chose to describe me thus…..

‘Gut instinct said she was bound to be up to her neck in trouble. She always was. Gut instinct was right.’

and Sapphire like this,

‘Their coral ripeness perhaps best explained her allure in that he just wanted to kiss them. In fact he could think of only two words for them: sin incarnate. If he’d encountered her in a whorehouse, he’d have put down his fortune to possess her.’

does not mean I am jealous. I am too nice to be that. Besides she has nice clothes….. saff peig2

small wonder Lord Hawley finds himself enticed.

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But some of the things she appears to get up to with silk stockings is not quite the norm. Still, I am assuming Lord Hawley is more than a match for her. I mean…they seem a charming pair.


And she is here today to answer a few questions. As with Milord Wolf who visited here some months ago, I am uncertain what I am meant to call her.  It really would have been so much easier had I been allowed to interview Milord Hawley….

Lady Fury So, what do I call you? Sapphire? Lazuli?

Sapphire Cassidy. Lady Cassidy Armstrong of Barwych will do nicely. I mean it’s a nice place.


Lady Fury So you don’t live in London with your dear sisters then?

Sapphire.  Oh here’s another one like ding dong sodding Belle Bassford thinks that’s as much as I’m good for. They’re not my sisters. They’re thieves.

Lady Fury And you’re not?

Sapphire. I think we’re talking pots and kettles here since you went and nicked that woman’s identity and all her clothes.

Lady Fury. She was dead.

Sapphire.  Well……… yes…..  Well,  I was  a thief but  for me, Ruby and Pearl,  that’s all the past. We’re good girls now. Very refined. Going straight. Anyway, since Diamond went and did old Starkadder in, it seems some of the other girls are too.


Except for Diamond herself that is. Being in the nick doesn’t  give you a lot of choice.  But I’m sure she’ll meet a nice lord or something. Some poor sod who can’t resist her and saves her from being hung.

Lady Fury. As you do?

Sapphire.  Do you see my arm broken in three places by  Shehanne about that? Lord Hawley isn’t exactly a picnic. I told her I would sooner hang.

Lady Fury (Funny. He says that about you.) And that is why you tie him to bed rails?

Sapphire. Got it in one.

Lady Fury. So are you going to share that scene with us?

Sapphire. Nah. You being a lady who kept her husband in a box in the cellar would probably prefer this one…..

“Let him go.”

“Aye. Don’t ‘ee think ‘ee and yore fancy boots ‘ull get away wi’ this. Oih’ll defend ‘ee, moih lydy. Oih’ll get him. Leave this ter me.”

“That’ll be interesting.” Devorlane Hawley tossed his hair out his eyes. “You.” He jerked his head at Ruby.

“Whot? Me?”

He dragged a breath. “Unless you think I am somehow meaning the tree there? Fetch Lord Koorecroft.”

Lord Koorecroft? The county’s most senior magistrate? A turn for the worse? Now it was a somersault. A woman who planked a stolen necklace on this specimen should not blush to say it was rape. She would have to if he fetched Lord Koorecroft, because then there would be the matter of what the damned man could say to Lord Koorecroft. Being dead and buried might not be enough to save her then. Not when her crimes had been dutifully reported by every newspaper up and down the land. She would hang.

“Lord Koorecroft?” Ruby smoothed a copper tendril of hair back from her forehead. “Whot soddin’ fer?”

“What do you think it’s soddin’ for? To accuse me of rape and molestation. It won’t be difficult. He’s at Chessington right now. You can cut through the hedge. Go on.”

“That’ll be shiny bright.” Fortunately Ruby could always be counted on to do absolutely nothing. “What do yer think I am exactly? Yer bleedin’ servant?”

“’Ee got no roight after what ee—”

Barron made a strangled sound as Devorlane Hawley jerked the stick so hard across his windpipe, Cass was almost jerked off her feet.

“I have every right. You all want Lord Koorecroft fetched, don’t you?” He huffed out a breath. “So let’s fetch him. I’m relishing the thought of the little chat I’m going to have with him about our Mrs. Armstrong here.”

Sapphire and I’m sharing the book trailer.

Loving Lady Lazuli coming 17th  Jan Etopia Press