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On the fifth day of Christmas which, someone should have told Shehanne and Milady Lange,  is today obviously. Du-uh. Instead of the days they said it was in their quite disgracefully salacious song for two weeks there. That song, which, very well, did feature some—being as I love the color– red things.

I am being very careful in my spelling there. Not that it would exactly be wrong if I was to make that letter I , an O, the  things they showed. Which…would you believe, I am shocked to say…included Flint.

3-pirates1in a state of undress….Of course Milady Anne Lange has long sought Flint for herself, so I suppose if there were 10 of him to go round…..she might get her wish.

Anyway Christmas is past and at least Shehanne has finally consented to remove that quite dreadful picture of me in the kind of frock I would not be seen in my coffin in and replace it with this.  posfur

I am unsure if I am on speaking terms with Milord Crow after he blogged the most Parfait recipe going,conv



Although, one supposes, on reflection, with all these pirates around that it would have been Champagne-less Parfait. That they would have sunk the lot.

Did the crew get their wishes?

Well, I am ashamed to say that the letters you saw mentioning things like Antonya frommm Ostrahaa were the sanitized letters. Alas their list was longer… conv

The names  Caven-DISH and tRACEY seemed to quite set fire to the men. But I could not show you these letters. Heavens. And have other authors fearing for their virtue aboard this ship? Already it is bad enough that I do. (That I can utter such a remark without blushing too.) If you are looking for an author called Arrr Arr on our Books We have Read page, you will look in vain.

Naturally the crew, finding useful things like chocolate coins and new wooden legs in their stockings went ashore to find a few local wenches.


As for Myrtle


all done up with a nice hat here, you would think she would have been grateful for the beauteous  crow she got in her stocking. conv1

but no.


Anyway, I put these tribulations aside to introduce you to Shehanne’s new heroine. I would have far preferred being allowed to introduce you to her new hero, Milord Hawley, but no. No. After the shocking behaviour of her last hero Milord Wolf here, Shehanne thought it best I  stick to Milady Sapphire. A jewel thief, I understand.

And not just Sapphire here today, No as you can see from the top picture, her friends in stealing, Splendor, Amber, Jade, Diamond.

At least they were here, but you might have known that invite a few thieving wenches aboard and look at the result. pirates and jewe

pirates and jewel 2

pirates and jewe

porates and jewel 3

which I think means we will have to leave that interview till tomorrow.