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Oh, sorry. Did I get that the wrong way round?  Dear me. Just because it is all about me, I suppose one just gets a trifle carried away.

It was bound to happen of course, that eventually Shehanne would stop neglecting me, letting me sail hither and thither and leaving me to my weeding plans…..especially with regard to my bridesmaid’s dresses…..

ugly dress 2

Oh dear…sorry Miladies Lange and Duffy,  of course I  meant this one

Bridesmaid-Dresses-2011-BW10138You would both know that.

Anyway, enough of such trivial matters. This..


is not the wedding venue, that is still to be chosen by the lovely Milady Lodge, this is  the DCA, which as part of


is going to be hosting

The line up for the Saturday 30th Nov readings includes many beauteous and worthy local writers…Milady Sue Peebles.  2.00.


Milady Zoe Vendotozzi   5.30


Milord Billy Kay 11.30


Milady Joan Lennon  10.40


Milord Andy Jackson  12.00


Oh and lastly  5.00 pm

Milady Shehanne,

Shehanne Moore

who originally, in what I can only describe as a moment of madness  was going to read from His Judas Bride but now she has subbed this little blurb for the program….

 A little steam.  A little ‘smex’.

Lady Fury sets the rules and her sexy Captain must obey them – even though when he does,  it nearly kills her! But so long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom does it matter if she loses her heart?

Nothing to do, I assure you, with her being unable to find  twenty minutes that was free from sex, swearing, or Milord Wolf using fearful words about  Milady Kara. And everything to do with her desiring to read my ten rules on a   certain activity.
I do hope she does it without blushing, or I would be better to put on my red dress and  do it myself.