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Well, you know I am a sucker for one–a red dress that is. Lest anyone think the sunglasses are an anachronism they have been around since 60 AD, when Nero sported a pair of shades–today’s useless piece of information. So, in my quest to escape Lady Margaret, I may yet find a pair.

What I have found, and what I would like to show you today is this quite beauteous painting…

morag 1

called Red Dress and Sun Glasses, although there is an elephant there too.  What with the love heart in the background I do think it would make the most elegant wedding invitation, so long as people do not think the elephant is the groom. Despite last week’s little fracas involving my bridesmaids, the lovely Miladys Lange and Duffy, I should like to say plans continue to be made and my arm is fully recovered now.  Naturally I will be speaking to the lovely Milady Lodge, my co-coordinator

Red Dress and Sun Glasses is the work of the most talented and lovely Morag Muir….

morag 2

a Scots lass living in Newport-On-Tay and a lady who prefers that her paintings speak for themselves, than that she does. So what I am going to do is show you some…..morag1

morag 1

morag 1

morag 1

morag 1

And no, before you ask, Flint hasn’t stolen any of them, although I must say they would considerably brighten my chamber walls…  And that painting Milady Ashlin’s hero recently gave me has given me the taste for paintings…..

The award winning Milady Muir is having an exhibition at Gallery Q. in Shehanne’s hometown Dundee, starting on 5th October and moving to the Edinburgh  Art Fair on November 15th.  But for those of you who can’t see her work, she has a website….