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Now, I know what you are thinking. That is going to be some cheap poke at Miladies Duffy and Lange, who I can of course not allow to outshine  me on my special day.  And that is why I have been examining pictures of bridesmaid’s dresses….ugly dress 2


ugly dress 3


uglydress 1


ugly dress 4

Let me assure you,  nothing is further from the case, just because the cake to win the poll is more suited to Flint than me….. conv12

No. No.  I  am under strict instructions from Shehanne to be nice to Miladies Duffy and Lange, and who am I to disobey? Or ask you to vote on these dresses, despite the fact I observe that Shehanne, in her bid to thank Milady Lange for featuring  me on her


giveaway blogspot http://authorannelange.com/2013/09/12/the-fall-into-romance-hop/

……..Shehanne in her somewhat gushing and rash one I must admit, especially given Milady Lange found me ‘goal-orientated and indignant’ – me? I ask you -Shehanne has promised dances with Flint.

No, Despite all that I intend my bridesmaids to have lovely dresses and will reveal the final designs in a blog or two.

After all, why worry? Whatever Shehanne has promised, Flint can’t dance…..Or he won’t by the time I finish with him….