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Now, straight off I do expect Milady Lange, here pictured smiling, to do so no more  upon reading that title.

We just must hope that when she discovers it is in fact the name of a Pinterest board, especially created by Milady lodge, that she dries her eyes and refrains from setting about Milady Lodge for giving her such heart failure.

Because of course Milady Lange  would know she would naturally be my  bridesmaid…..Milady Duffy too…for all the right reasons…ahem.. do excuse me my throat needs cleared.

Moi cause them grief on the run up to their respective new releases? Friends  with Benefits and What’s a Girl to Do? Aptly named don’t you think since I have many benefits and I don’t know what they’ll do?


That is not Milady Lange’s actual cover by the way. But she will be here as will Milady Duffy in the very near future to show us.

No, Milady Lodge has gone to a great deal of trouble to design the most fabulous Pinterest board. It is right here,  http://t.co/tBB3KytiF8 and very lovely too,

Of course things are still at the planning stage. The cake in particular, I can’t decide about. So what I am going to do is show you the pictures and ask for your votes. Those of you who think Flint is likely to be decked in it by the end of the day and consequently it is a waste of good ingredients, or that I should just eat them all and get fat, may refrain from voting.

Here are the five, all selected by my wedding co-coordinator, Milady Lodge..

1 simply red


2. Simply Flint


3. Simply stolen


4 simply


5 Simply Sea-going


And now the poll