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Today, I am going to talk about Laskarina Bouboulina, aren’t you all glad to know?  And those who don’t, can see, she has a statue and everything……

convWhile I …..alas…

Despite this why I have chosen to blog about her today, having been forbidden by Shehanne from designing natty outfits for the Wolves,  Milord Black Wolf in particular, is she was a naval commander in the Greek War of Independence. Her life quite makes me want to applaud her.

Being born in prison is not an auspicious way to begin one’s life, no disrespect to Constantinople itself. Bouboulina married twice…rather like myself. At least I will be married twice when  Flint gets round to troubling himself. Her second husband, a most wealthy ship-owner and captain,  was killed in a battle with some pesty  pirates. Algerian ones, before anyone starts. bouboulina

Not one to sit crying quietly into a handkerchief, Bouboulina raised the first revolutionary flag on  Spetses, took part in the siege of Nafplion, attacked and blockaded Pylos, all of which led to her being treated as one of the boys.

Alas, after all this, poor Bouboulina was killed  as the result of a family feud.  The daughter of a Koutsis family and Bouboulina’s son Georgios Yiannouzas had eloped. Seeking her, the girl’s father Christodoulos Koutsis went to Bouboulina’s house with armed members of his family.

Bouboulina, a trifle infuriated to say the least,   something I never am myself, confronted them from the balcony, where alas,  someone shot at her.  The poor woman was hit in the forehead and killed instantly.

Still one must say, she was certainly some girl and for that reason I am adding her to Fury’s ladies…