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Yes indeed, even for me alas I am sorry to say. Stuck in the wilds of Scotland till Shehanne decides to get her act together. Well, at least the weather has been little for me to complain about and I have had plentiful time to observe the unfurry Wolves, prior to convening the next meeting of the Fury  book club.

So…Wolves. The gentlemen of Shehanne’s new book. Are they anything like Flint’s crew? Well, that would be difficult since Flint’s crew don’t exactly put themselves about. You thought I was going to say something cutting  about Taliano’s teeth? Moi?

pirate 11

Since he’s quite joyous with them, who am I to complain? Of course the Also, the Wolves don’t have a parrot.  The pirates are lucky to have one given how Flint hates parrots. The Wolves do however have a dog..

.  dug

You will be pleased to know even I am keeping out the way of it.

They also have some quite unusual skills. Men or myths? I would not like to test that. Stories about these gentlemen…

grunge 23

And how Snosh….greatly beloved of Miladies Lange and Duffy now, can throw a knife forty paces. grungey 3

 So yes, in that regard they are a very different bunch. Their clothes do however…… leave a great a very deal to be desired.  The general cleanliness of the book cover did worry Shehanne slightly…I confess, I also looked for gentlemen in nattily woven arm bracelets….hjb

that this was a pretty story. However, Shehanne’s first review on Amazon Uk, does  confirm the grimier elements of the story. I must say, having met the said gentleman my heart somewhat quickened to read the following…

‘Callm would sooner cut off your head, than ask politely that you get the hell out of his glen. Their relationship, a brilliant play of slippery silk against a roughly forged sword.

Kara plumbs her inner depths for ice and stone. She must. But then there is the fire, ignited by Callm, which frazzles the both of them. The sex is raw, the sex is scorching, it is never gratuitous, it is always real.’

It must all be to do with that shocking picture  Milady Clark introduced him to the world with.hot fru

The see below given all these stories re Scotsmen and kilts was what got me…..

Shehanne’s Book trailer is here