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I am not going to say this is the post you have all been waiting for. I believe that Miladies Clark and Lange have already had that privilege  but there we shall say nothing. Except that today we have a most unusual gentleman on board, one who goes by the name of  Wolf, who, after Shehanne got a little exited  after Milady Van Zandt messed up her book trailer…….product20image20675by45020halloween20frames1

well, you can see why I was wondering.

Milady Clark, last seen here attaching a rose to Squire Jack, has kindly been hosting a count down giveaway. wannnnn

which I confess to being shocked about.


Especially as Shehanne says….

Okay we don’t promise the hot Scot but we do promise Amazon vouchers. You can get anything there …..right?

To think she told me to get these pictures I put up of the hottie scottie down. …


I must say though, now that Milord er….. Wolf…is here… He is somewhat…(fans self) I must say I am not displeased that Shehanne has permitted me to…. interview….. him about her forthcoming release, His Judas Bride. SO without further ado.

Lady Fury …………………………………………………………(sigh)


Shehanne : Get on with it.

Lady Fury : Why wasn’t he a contender?

Shehanne : Because Fury, take it from me you and him would not know what to make of each other.

Lady Fury : But we could try.

Shehanne : Why do you think I moved you over here?

Lady Fury :  So you could have him for yourself?

Shehanne : I gave you Flint. Just as hot in bed. What more do you want?

 Lady Fury  : What do you think?…. Oh, very well…… So Milord…Wolf, am I to understand that is your name? What people call you?

The Black Wolf : They call me all sorts, sweetheart. None of it polite.

Lady Fury :  I cannot imagine why. And Kara calls you……?

The Black Wolf : She calls me Sir.

Lady Fury : It has its possibilities I suppose. And you call her?

The Black Wolf : Quite a lot. How long have you got?

Lady Fury : My time is elastic.

Shehanne : Fury…..

Lady Fury. He did ask. Oh very well, but you and your …er …gentlemen friends are not really supernatural are you, simply because the word is you sold you soul to the devil?


The Black Wolf : Do you really expect me to answer that when I have a glen to guard.

Lady Fury : A very beautiful place I am sure.

The Black Wolf : And not just a glen.

Lady Fury :  (leaning closer ) Not just a glen?.

The Black Wolf. This too. She’s my daughter.

img023 (2)

Lady Fury : Have I showed you mine?

Shehanne : Right. That’s it. Enough. The Black Wolf has enough on his plate, guarding heart and glen without you  making Flint jealous. If you want to know more you will have to wait till the book is out.

Lady Fury: Out? I  am off to Milady Clark’s blog to join Milady Lange and Milady Duffy in the hope of winning a hottie scottie……….