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I am sure that seeing that heading you will all think that I have finally chosen from the  many gowns suggested to me by the lovely Milady Lodge…….. conv

The er…fat gypsy one I am less certain of….


But no. …no….the wedding fever is nothing to do with my planned event but the impending release of Shehanne’s second book, His Judas Bride. Talk about being cast aside. I had thought it was going to be His Furious Bride…..The Wedding of Lady Fury even but there.

Am I permitted to invite the new bride-to- be along, so that we might discuss weddings and things?  No. Can you imagine? As if something might befall her when indeed she appears even better equipped to take care of herself than I.  Why else would the tagline read….Desiring Her Could Be Murder?

However, given all the work I do here, trying to bring culture asnd enlightenment, not to mention sartorial dress sense to the crew,  I am promised to be allowed to meet the Black Wolf who I hope will welcome all my fashion tips.   I must say, in so much as I ever say anything at all, or indeed am allowed to, I was looking forward to to it,  till I saw this…



I had no idea what a hottie Scottie was So  I did some research and found this..



Scotties… Is Shehanne’s new hero a dog or a wolf? I really don’t know, especially as here http://shehannemooreweeblycom.weebly.com/books-his-judas-bride.html

it also says…..horse…dog…

I really don’t know but I await further instructions.