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And not just that, the exciting week it has been– and after all Shehanne did give me that award , and really, having instigated it herself, she was bound to. No, I am going on blog tour in a  few day’s time,

The Unraveling of Lady Fury VBT

how fortunate for those involved. http://sormarketing.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-unraveling-of-lady-fury-by-shehanne.html

We just must hope, now we are shot of that splint,  we don’t bump into Milady Aimee Duffy, touring at the same time with the same company…… http://sormarketing.blogspot.com/2013/05/sinfully-summer-by-aimee-duffy.html  Any complaints that I can’t get along with people either.

Moving swiftly on, the beauteous Milady Renea Mason has set up the following exciting competition…..


Let us Crash Your Vacation, http://reneamason.com/2013/07/02/let-us-crash-your-vacation/ which, despite featuring that nice pier and water and all, has nothing to do with myself and Flint. No Milady Mason says, ‘Take a photo of any number of our book covers on your e-reader while featuring your vacation locale, your smiling mug, or with your pet iguana and have many chances to win big! We’re not picky, just make it fun and interesting. Post your photos in the Facebook Event and enter the Rafflecopter link to win fabulous prizes – Including a Kindle, $75 Amazon gift card, book swag and more.’ More details here. http://vacationcrashers.reneamason.com/ I was going to enter mine….


till I learned Shehanne meant me to stop pansting about and climb the hill for real…..


No  that is not waves crashing the rocks.  In my boots?


Anyway, I might win myself and would  I want to?

So back to business. The book-club have now sorted themselves out re Milady Ashlinn’s twitter error…

white pappppppeu

With the exception of Nathan who appears to look like this. han

So, the Summer Sun Award. Rule one….RULE ONE

Sorry……Rule one….Display the logo.


Rule two…Link back to the blog who nominated you.


Rule three…Answer the following questions.

Favorite song with summer in the title or the words (give the line)

Well, I suppose one dose like  In the summertime when the weather is high…..

Favourite book about summer – it might be a children’s book….Or it might be something more adult….. conv Oh for any’s sake, yes it is a children’s book, not the least salacious in any way. But I afraid that this tale of hidden treasure, cryptic clues, marshes, smuggler and a summer holiday set in Rye on the coast of England, still captivates one, no matter how old one gets. AND it could have been worse, one could have chosen the Famous five and Timmy.

Favourite hot summer film some like it hot

My goodness, what a difficult choice between this and Dirty Dancing.. But I suppose, on reflection…Milords Curtis and Lennon dressed in these heels wins hands down.

Favourite summer memory Definitely barbequing on the beach with Flint after a particularly cool dip. ……

Favourite summer holiday destination. Well, in my somewhat stormy past, I was rather fond of St. Kitts……..


What books will be in your suitcase this summer? Alas I do not have a suitcase, but perhaps Flint would steal one and the I can put in Milady Descoteax’s, Directing Traffic, Milady Arden’s Collared For a Night, oh and I suppose, when she gives me back my arm, Milady Duffy’s Sinfully Summer.

What’s your likely destination this summer? Oh, who knows where Flint will sail us next…..It might even be the Arctic. After all some like it cold

Polar Bears

What hottie would you most like to be sharing the hot days and long nights with this summer? Oh really, that one is obvious…. And it is not a furry creature either…

Rule four nominate 8 bloggers, one for each ray of the sun, whose blogs who brighten the day in some way, either by their blog content or by what they do for others.

Milady Anne Lange  http://authorannelange.com/

Milady Eleanor http://belovedeleanor.co.uk/

Milady Struth  www.sharonstruth.com/
Milady Reedwood  http://katereedwood.blogspot.com/
Milady Stacy http://slstacy.wordpress.com/about/

Milord Mountainous http:/mountain-lord.blogspot.com/

Milady Mason http://reneamason.com/

RULE FIVE ..LET THEM KNOW. There I confess I am too exhausted to utter my favorite line on rules…this is going to be so much fun I can hardly wait.

But seeing as some rules are made to be broken I am also nominating Milady Black. http://christineelaineblack.blogspot.ca/