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I must say that Milady Lodge’s visit was a tonic, despite being conducted in the most depressing surroundings–behind bars no less. Moving swiftly on from Flint saying it is the best place to keep me– I have been able to peruse Milady Lodge’s beauteous Pinterest board and quite redesign myself. …..


Apart from the fact the pirate boots are killing when one is on them all day, I must say  Milady Lodge has made so fabulous a job, I am placing the wedding arrangements in her capable hands. Now one is released from prison, one has other things to consider. The lovely warship I showed you last blog, for example…..


So much roomier than that Discovery boat AND not just one of the six oldest ships in the world, the only one to have survived from the golden age of sail. So large inside…vital when I consider the space required aboard, for my wardrobe, not to mention all these gondolas Flint  borrowed. One could just see the children running up and down. What is more, they actively host weddings, would you believe ?…

Yes. Also one has had to consider Susan’s rebellion this week, her shameful desire, as revealed on Shehanne’s blog, to look like this…


Yes.  No way am I asking Milady Lodge to design a Pinterest board for her.

And of course, I do wish to continue with my set of blogs on my rules.

Noting I am only as far as rule two–indeed noting I have not even embarked on it. I thought that and eave my other promised blog on Milord Scott of the Antarctic to Shehanne.

After all rule two is more interesting. For those who do not know, it concerns clothes. Indeed, it refers quite specifically to being fully clothed at all times. Before anyone starts complaining of the logistics of this with regard to a particular activity, do please consider that of course I acknowledge certain things. This lovely painting for example,seduction 2

I am hardly advocating frolicking with the Tin Man.  Should one meet a knight in shining armour, shining amour too for that matter, of course one should bend the rules.

Removing one’s clothes is not strictly necessary though. Hollywood has for years been showing us all these amazing films where people apparently have sex through their clothes. Of course one might say that is just Hollywood, all make believe,  because there’s that scene in The Last Picture Show where you also seem able to have it without moving an inch too.

But Hollywood does know about such things. When it came to rules they also had one about the man keeping one foot on the

floor all because moralists were outraged  by Milady West’s casual slatternliness in I’m No Angel,

SeductionMilady  Stanwyck’s promiscuousness in Baby Face,

seduction 2

and by Milord DeMille’s racy biblical epic Sign of the Cross,


that calls for official government censorship became overwhelming.

And people think my rules are bad.