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according to what happened on Milady Duffy’s blog yesterday.

http://www.aimeeduffy.co.uk/2013/06/today-i-have-pulled-on-my-big-girl.html Flint quite surprised me with this,ring

as did the local maritime police when they arrived shortly afterwards. Because of course, there was also the matter of this


Although I am certain a little blog on the subject of Milord Scott of the Antarctic will soon put matters right and have us all released from prison. Nonetheless, regardless of such dull surroundings– I am wondering if a few hangings…wall ones, my dears….might improve the place —we have a most delightful visitor today. Milady Alison Lodge. I am sure you have heard me speak of her.

Milady Lodge is not only a very talented aspiring writer, I have every confidence in being published shortly, she has a beauteous blog dedicated to Eleanor of Castile.


What is more she has come along to dress me. Yes. Indeed I see she has dedicated a Pinterest board to me, for which I heartily thank her. So I am going to hand you over to her.

Dressing Lady Fury

The lovely Lady F. has long asked me to visit this elegant establishment.  Of course, I’ve wanted to come over before – but commitments and all that…

( Lady Fury -It’s very kind of Milady Lodge to say so, but I don’t think she wanted to come to jail before)

I’ve been allowed to let loose on the shopping instead, and have created this board in her honour *curtsies*



So many lovely things!  What do you think Lady F.?

(Lady Fury..I confess so many lovely things Milady Lodge, the only missing one is a handkerchief that I might shed tears upon that you would do this in my honor.)

I’m thinking dramatic red, black and cobalt blue gowns, fans and one off rings and diadems!  I think you would enjoy them.  Black fingerless elbow length gloves, fur accessories…red jewels and cameos I think would all suit.

I even found you (probably a gentleman’s) silk coat from Iran – I could picture you wearing this instantly!  conv

(Lady Fury ….It is simply beautiful. I am going to hide it from Shehanne. She has things like this.)

And a mirror, you’ll need that to try them all on.

I’m thinking that when I get to Italy next week I can shop even more for your good self.

My spies have also told me that you and Flint might be getting married.  My goodness, could I tempt you with one of these?




(Lady Fury…Moi? A big fat gypsy?)

You know my taste is incomparable!  This is one of my favourites http://pinterest.com/pin/556968678886645359/


(Lady Fury …Now that is more like it.)

Now, I did find you some shoes, but perhaps boots would be more useful along with those lovely cherry stockings we saw the other day *goes off to check* lovely, but rather modern I should say http://pinterest.com/pin/473018767082359553/


(Lady Fury..Hmm. A boot from these might keep Flint in order.)

Thank you for inviting me lovely Lady.  I hope to pop by again very soon!  Tell us more about this wedding you know *jabs Flint in ribs* I need to make sure it’s all done properly…

Lady Fury…well Milady Lodge, I’m sure it will be  as Flint is already thinking of walk the plank games for the guests. But one never knows. I mean who would have envisaged us here today? What would your sartorial advice be ? I mean I thought striped stockings were bad enough but this?