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Here I was today all set to discuss the subject of stockings, the kind I would wear as opposed to these stripy things in the sidebar. I had no idea of just what I was facing though…………… stokissssort of hideous…a ballet dancer with a golf ball on their heel


Sort of wooden footed. And as for this……


what can I say, in addition to the fact that the shoes leave a very great deal to be desired? Indeed I would not desire them at all.

And I do believe that these green stripes and whatever kind of lettering that is on the leg itself, would not look out of place at Albion Rovers or some of these other football grounds.  Does no-one understand how difficult it is for a woman of fashion to exist in 1820?

As if that was not bad enough, Flint betook himself to a certain Milady Duffy’s blog to take part in her sex week.


I confess to being stunned. Firstly that it was not I who was invited.

I would not like to tell you the things the man said. It put the matter of the my actual blog heading reverting to the template, completely in perspective.

So…kissing…well, I can have my own sex week. gustav-klimt-the-kiss-c-1907

There being no kissing was my first rule of engagement when he offered his services. I think the reasons are quite obvious really.  Heavens even the Old Testament knew that.

‘May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth,
Because his lovemaking is better than wine’

As if that’s not enough, Philematology, or the study of kissing, has been conducted by people including Cesare Lombroso, Ernest Crawley, Charles Darwin and Edward Burnett Tylor.

As I explained to Flint it is a sign of affection, which really…at that Francesco_Hayez_008time, it would be best not to dwell on.  But in terms of setting a rule, I admit it was a bad one. After all, courtesans have that rule, which made me look rather bad, and also, it only gave the man airs and graces that I was frightened to kiss him.

How feasible though is sex with no kissing? Perfectly. I mean it’s not actually necessary to the act at all now it is?

Though I’m telling you now you could be missing out on a whole lot of fun.