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marisole-pirate-paper-doll-green-150I must say, one steadily despairs when one sees one’s efforts to design the most fabulous lady pirate clothes being undermined by such things as this. The blue bikini for a start.

Really one did not think such things existed which is why I am desirous today to turn my attention to the haute couture of the average pirate.

Firstly, I must say that I was grateful to Shehanne for the trouble she went to to ensure that Flint, did not look like this….the legend of pirates cleanmix

Because frankly the thought of getting into bed with him if he had, would not have been a pretty one. I should have been troubled about that crow and what he was going to do with it, for  a start

As she explained on various blogs, my rules might and might not have been enforceable— being fully clothed for example.

Because frankly too had Flint worn something like tythis red bandana, even though red is my favourite color, I would most certainly have asked him to remove it. These dreadful sideburns and eyebrows meeting in the middle too. Where were Hollywood’s sartorial advisers when that film was made please? Doing this to Mr Power.

That still did not mean that Flint dressed terribly well, or does now, although he did try to woo me with a cravat. His clothes are always of the plainest.


Oh, there is sometimes a shirt in their somewhere. And if you dare say–as if I would — a word about it, he will just say he is a pirate captain, not some dressed up buffoon with pompoms on his shoes. which, excuse me,  he doesn’t even own a pair of.

That is  why, I really thought today, let us forget about the styling of gentlemen pirates, since as one reviewer noted he is a pirate and proud of it, and simply look at a few pictures of cravats…..






Now. If I was Shehanne, I would tastelessly ask you to vote on them. Whereas I would only ask you to vote on the cravat.

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