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How very gratifying, to hear today from the beauteous author, Ms Descoteaux  that she sees nothing amiss with these stripy stocking, even if one must wonder about her fashion savvy.

So lady pirates. Well, while I may have resorted to blackmail on occasion. Yes, violence too with my reticule and book and things. And of course, there was that unfortunate accident with Thomas,  not to mention Flint thinking people die around me, please let me assure you of something. While I may have sailed on board the Calypso with him,  I was never a lady pirate,   unlike the fabled Ann Bonny whose picture that is, and Mary Reid……….


who plainly couldn’t get a coat to fit her in all the pirate ships she plundered. Which is really what I want to talk about today, NOT having had my frock returned to me but being persuaded that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And of course I did get that award,  which I am going to speak of another time.

I am quite sure you can Google both ladies. Ms Bonny was of course drawn to Ms Reid, believing she was a man although how she could think that, if Ms Reid dressed as she did above is beyond me.  Unless of course Ms Bonny needed to go to Specsavers, or Ms Reid did not dress like that, which makes it all the more vital for me to launch my Fury paper doll. What women should wear on a pirate ship.

Indeed, perhaps if both women had dressed like this, there Calico Jack would have defended Ms Bonny when they were finally captured, instead of cowering in the hold letting her and Ms Reid, fight it out with their attackers. It is something I am sure Flint would never do. So here we are. I am sure you will agree how much nicer it all is. paperdol

The fan especially, you may note, open just so,


yes let me bring that up for you, looks so innocuous.

But closed now, white-paper2

it is ideal for hitting a gentleman with. Not that Flint is that exactly.

As you can see Ms Bonny is greatly enhanced by my design.


Well, I think so anyway.

But if you do not there is always my page of cut outs here..

paper awfuls

You can use to make your own.  I am willing to feature any.

Now I off to design invitations  for  the pirates, Fizz, Jerky, Saw- Tooth Dog, Nathan, Benito and Nibser to join my book reading club and make everything nice for my first fortunate guest.